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By providing insightful advocacy, straightforward advice and intelligent, practical planning, The Policy People helps organisations optimise the way they incorporate policy and regulation into everyday operations, future growth strategies and key engagement initiatives.

Our Expertise

With decades of industry expertise, The Policy People is ideally placed to support businesses navigate the often-tricky world of politics, policy and regulation. Our in-depth knowledge of strategy, deep understanding of regulation and a faultless track record of enhancing clients' performance and profits makes us a natural choice for any business that recognises the very real potential in making policy work for them.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: public policy should be an enabler, not an inhibitor, to business growth. By optimising our clients' strategic plans - interweaving "policy preparedness" and "regulatory resilience" - we are able to pinpoint hitherto unexplored growth mechanisms and business opportunities. Crucially, we believe that incorporating regulatory strategy into organisation's communications enables greater engagement with stakeholders, and provides a unique platform from which to truly connect with the target audience. 

Our Commitment to Results

Policy adherence and regulatory compliance should never be viewed as a 'tick-box' exercise. Time and again we have seen organisations' profits increase exponentially when compliance is channelled into business growth. By combining on-the-ground business experience, regulatory insight and some seriously strategic communications, there is no reason why every organisation should not experience impressive results within a compliance-based business model.

Our Partnerships

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. across all industries. With a network of political analysts and policy advisors at our fingertips, The Policy People is able to serve clients across a very wide geographical remit. And, although our clients may come from diverse backgrounds and industries, all have one thing in common: a desire to grow, a determination to profit, and an open-mindedness to the significant potential that regulatory compliance can engender.

People Walking

The Team

Founded by John Beaumont and Helen Greenwood, The Policy People prefers to keep its core team small, agile and highly expert. Our combined experience provides the foundations for policy advocacy, influencing and business strategy; whilst our extended network of policy experts and political analysts enhances our intellectual and strategic capacity.

John Beaumont

Founding Partner

John, a former Professor of both Management and Information Systems, has been a leading figure in business for over 30 years. He has held numerous high-profile roles, including Executive Director of a FTSE100 company, a CEO of an LSE-listed company, and a Managing Partner in a global management and technology consulting practice. 


John's areas of expertise include strategy formation and execution, business development and transformation, mergers & acquisitions, and investment appraisal and fund-raising. 

Phone:  ‭+34 683 287 188‬


Helen Greenwood

Founding Partner

Helen has held Directorial roles in strategic communications, culture change, and media engagement for over 20 years. She has worked for a wide range of organisations across multiple sectors, and has formulated and led the communications campaigns that have underpinned numerous noteworthy business change initiatives; including Brexit communications for The Bank of New York Mellon, M&A Communications for the Lloyds Banking Group/HBOS merger, and defence communications for MBDA.

Helen's expertise includes internal communications strategy, narrative development, spokesperson coaching, and client/investor communications.

Phone: +44 7780 998 068

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