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The Policy People supports a broad range of organisations and individuals in the UK, in the EU, and beyond. Our ability to blend political, economic, technological and human perspectives bring new levels of insight, enabling them to understand the implications of existing and incoming policy, creating dramatically different dialogues which result in action and ownership.

Organisations and Leaders

Businesses are starting to understand that traditional regulatory compliance is not conducive to dynamic growth. More and more organisations are viewing policy preparedness as a central strand to their corporate strategy. The Policy People can work at a global, regional or divisional level to identify areas of weakness, reframing the path to growth with Total Policy Resilience as a central tenet. Direct, personal support for CEOs, for example, is becoming increasingly important. We are also able to stress-test and realign internal working principles, and develop compelling communications campaigns that bring these to life for employees, clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders. 

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Industry Bodies

The Policy People supports Industry Bodies in a variety of ways. Our extensive, multi-sector network encompasses business leaders, policymakers, government ministers, lobbyists and media commentators, to name but a few. Working as an extension of yourselves, we are able to create focus groups, working parties, pilot launches, training/assessment days, and a wide range of other activities. Acting like a ‘think tank’, we can engage in research and advocacy; conduct sector-specific surveys and analysis; collate and interpret feedback; and much more. And, of course, we can act as a conduit between yourselves and the policymakers with whom you have, or need to have, a relationship.


The Policy People is strongly placed to work with policymakers in the UK, the EU, and beyond. Our strength lies in our ability to interpret policy / regulatory requirements into sector-specific language, then land that messaging with the people and the organisations that matter. We can act as a liaison between yourselves and in-house compliance officials, and we can structure communications campaigns that ensure incoming or updated policies are widely disseminated and understood. And, of course, we can elicit and collate feedback when and where required.

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Government Departments

Where required, The Policy People has direct and immediate access to senior government ministers and officials. Not only can we provide a secure, reliable space for cross-department collaboration; we can also provide 'back-office support' for government-wide initiatives and committees, guaranteeing the traction and robust reporting/analysis that is required to achieve tangible, community-focussed outcomes. The Policy People has direct intra-governmental expertise, meaning we are well-versed in the practicalities and protocols of Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels, with a network that corroborates our connectivity.


Communications is a key element in policy and politics, and no-one is better placed to support in this area than The Policy People. We have the expertise and experience required to bring actionable policies to life within organisations; creating compelling rationales for employees, suppliers clients, customers, contractors, and all manner of stakeholders to understand and internalise. Our skillset here is both strategic and tactical. We can develop or refine group- or division-wide communications plans (internally and/or externally), inputting into communications materials or creating these 'from scratch', where required. We can and do support conference organisers who are keen to unite industry leaders and policymakers under the same roof; ensuring a compelling agenda supplemented with insightful analysis and feedback from participation. And, of course, we are very accustomed to coaching and supporting spokespeople in policy-led communications activities, and can provide media training where needed.

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