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The Policy People

Independent, actionable advice on policy & regulation
for organisations and leaders


The Policy People provides independent, actionable advice and advocacy on policy and regulation. With expertise covering political, economic, technological, environmental and social domains, we are able to support organisations and their leaders with strategic guidance around compliance, strategy and communication: from a public policy perspective, and in terms of internal principles and business practice. As independent agenda leaders, The Policy People also plays an active role in influencing and shaping public policy so that it becomes an enabler, not an inhibitor, to business growth/development and economic prosperity.

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Geopolitics is a major regulatory influencing factor, having a direct impact on national and international industries. We make sense of the tangled political world, enabling our clients to anticipate regulatory change and understand the drivers as well as the benefits of action.


Recent global events, combined with inconsistent economic policy, has led to insufficient investments in human capital and infrastructure. We cut through the noise and help our clients understand how and where to prioritise.


The digital world is moving faster than ever, leaving lesser-prepared organisations and even nations behind. We help our clients keep on top of the changes, helping them accelerate their digital strategies and keep closer to employees, clients and other stakeholders.


Environmental policy may possibly become the largest consideration for organisations into the future. Through long-term planning and deep regulatory insight, we help clients mitigate risk, maximise investment and open up significant business opportunities. 


Social inequality, post-pandemic burnout, the growing ‘digital divide’… the challenges facing today’s governments are significant. By bringing together business leaders and policymakers, The Policy People addresses how, at both a micro and a macro level, the balance can be redressed.

No-obligation consultation

A conversation does not have to lead to a commitment. If you think that policy and regulation are proving a sticking point for your organisation, just request a call. Sometimes an impartial discussion on an issue can uncover the answer you are looking for - or it can prompt further discussions around assistance.

Discuss scope

Based on what you want to achieve, we'll discuss the extent and scope of our engagement. This could be a straightforward audit; a one-off project; a strategic optimisation programme or even an ongoing retainer-style arrangement. Additionally, The Policy People provides agenda-leading engagement via Market Infrastructure Regulatory Councils. 

Review, reframe, renew

As we work with you, you may find that your organisation's requirements or strategic approach needs to change. Because we understand the evolving nature of business, we build 'review gates' into all our engagements so that if you want to scale back or increase your partnership with us, you can do so as and when required. 

Crossing the Bridge

Why Choose Us

Decades of experience across multiple sectors

Unparalleled network of associates

Independent, impartial regulatory insights

Demonstrable analytical and strategic capability

Creative problem-solving capability

Policy communications specialists

How It Works

Communications & Policy

Communications, in a policy context, is generally either overlooked or misused. This is a great shame, as - when used strategically, judiciously and intuitively - policy communications can be a powerful tool that creates engagement and commitment among employees; inspires loyalty and advocacy from customers/clients; and encourages longer-term investment from shareholders. The Policy People shows organisations how to embed policy messaging into their internal and external communications so that it becomes a living strand of economic growth: from recruitment and retainment through to client communications, sales and marketing, international development, and beyond.

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